KPP Projects

Current KPP projects that are in progress or being considered for implementation.
Projects may include power purchases and transmission line upgrades.

Electric Distribution System Maintenance Service
KPP recognizes the difficulties small public power electric utilities have today in sustaining the viability of an electric distribution system.  System infrastructure is aging for many of these utilities who are often unable to attract qualified line workers due to budget constraints, size, or location to replace line workers who have left for retirement or better pay in a larger utility.  KPP believes this situation will soon reach a tipping point that may result in public power cities selling their utility to non-public power entities, which KPP believes will have a negative financial and service impact on the community.  To address this mounting concern, KPP staff members have developed a concept for the provision of distribution system services for member cities wanting to participate.  The following is an account of the status of the project development through time.