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Welcome to KPP's web page for Hometown Connections products and services. Hometown Connections is an enterprise of the American Public Power Association created to bring quality electric industry products and services to public power utilities at an affordable price. KPP is the marketing affiliate for Hometown Connections in Kansas. Hometown Connections has partnering agreements with a variety of private sector vendors who desire to extend their products and services to public power utilities large or small. The staff at Hometown Connections seek out vendors who not only provide state-of-the-art products, but who also want to make their products accessible to smaller public power utilities. Please take a few minutes to browse the Hometown Connections sub-menus for specialized products and services that may benefit your utility. If you want further information, you may go to www.hometownconnections.com or you may call or email Carl Myers, KPP Director of Member Services, at 316.264.3166 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for contact information.


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Hometown Connections is a national resource for community-owned utilities as a trusted provider of sound advice and quality products/services. Through Hometown Connections, APPA members gain access to discount pricing and integrated utility information systems from the industry’s leading vendors, as well as consulting support in the areas of organization assessment, planning, and staffing.

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From the meter, through the substation and to the control room, new information and technology must work together to deliver optimal performance.

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Based on experience with more than 800 public power utilities, the staff of Hometown Connections and its partners provide the support, consulting, facilitation, and information needed to maintain a high level of service quality and system performance.

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Customers want choices in how to use and pay for services, and they want their providers to anticipate their needs.

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Effective business planning and financial system design serve as the critical underpinning to all utility projects, programs, and services.